Hyundai Motor Unveils ‘NPX1’ Concept Model at Tokyo Auto Salon

Hyundai Motor Unveils ‘NPX1’ Concept Model at Tokyo Auto Salon

Hyundai Motor Company has taken a significant step forward in the evolution of high-performance electric vehicles by unveiling the 'IONIQ 5 N NPX1,' a cutting-edge concept model, at the prestigious Tokyo Auto Salon 2024.


concept image credit: Hyundai website



The 'NPX1' stands as the inaugural N Performance Parts concept model, brilliantly conceived on the platform of the acclaimed IONIQ 5 N, Hyundai's award-winning high-performance electric car. This concept not only showcases Hyundai's innovative vision but also hints at the exciting future of electric vehicle (EV) enhancement.


Hyundai's journey with N Performance Parts began in 2019, initially focusing on internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles like Elantra N, i30 N, and i20 N. Today, this venture expands into the realm of electric mobility, with specialized tuning components tailored for all-electric N models, including the IONIQ 5 N. This expansion marks a new chapter in enhancing the high-performance EV ownership experience.


The ‘NPX1’ concept serves as a window into the future, previewing a variety of N-specific enhancements soon to be available for customer purchase. These enhancements, showcased on the concept model, include a carbon front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, and a striking rear wing spoiler. Additionally, the concept features lightweight hybrid carbon wheels, high-performance brake pads, and lowering springs, all contributing to its dynamic performance and aesthetics. The interior is equally impressive, boasting Alcantara material and racing bucket seats, emphasizing the vehicle's sporty DNA.


Hyundai's commitment to this venture is evident in its plan to release the IONIQ 5 N’s N Performance Parts in 2024, with an aim to broaden the product lineup for all N brand models. The prototype N Performance Parts used in the NPX1 concept are set to undergo further development, ensuring they are perfected for production and customer use.


The introduction of the 'IONIQ 5 N NPX1' at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024 marks a pivotal moment for Hyundai Motor Company. It signifies not only their prowess in high-performance electric vehicle manufacturing but also their dedication to enhancing the driving experience for EV enthusiasts worldwide. With the impending release of N Performance Parts for the IONIQ 5 N and other N models, Hyundai is poised to redefine the boundaries of electric vehicle performance and customization.



Source: Hyundai