Isn't it time for all hotels to start including electric vehicle charging stations?

Have you gone on a family road trip and found no electric vehicle charging stations at your hotel? If you own a Tesla, you'll likely find a Supercharger nearby. But not always. Let's face it, most EV owners would love to charge up overnight (at their hotel) when they're on the road. 

Above: Charging up at a hotel (Source: Tesla)

So if you happen to know a hotel owner, you might want to put in a good word for all of us in the EV community. Here's how.

Although there are many excellent reasons for hotels to install EV charging stations for guests, let's take a closer look at four key reasons why a hotel owner should "update" their guest parking options to include EV-ready charging capabilities.

Attract customers

The biggest benefit of installing EV charging stations at hotels is that they can attract EV owners. Obviously, if someone is traveling with a Tesla, or any electric car for the matter, they are highly motivated to stay at a hotel that comes equipped with charging stations than behind-the-times hotels that do not.

Charging overnight at a hotel can negate the need to charge once a guest leaves the hotel to hit the road once again. While there are over 20,000 Tesla charging ports in the US per AFDC, charging overnight at a hotel is still a lot more convenient than while out on the road. This applies to all members of the EV community.

This 30-minute (or more) time-saver can have a very high value to certain hotel guests. And this is especially helpful for families where traveling long distances needs to be as streamlined as much as possible.

EV charging stations at hotels are another amenity like pools or fitness centers. Sooner or later, customers will expect this amenity to be at every hotel once EV adoption rates begin to grow exponentially. For the time being, it is a healthy perk that can set any hotel apart from the competition down the street.

Above: A look at how some hotels are showcasing EV charging as a perk for its guests (YouTube: Aria Hotels)

In fact, the popular hotel search engine,, recently added an EV charging station filter to their platform. Guests can now search specifically for hotels that include EV charging stations.

Generate revenue

Another benefit to installing EV charging stations at hotels is that it can generate revenue. While there are initial upfront costs and on-going network fees associated with installing charging stations, the fees the drivers pay can offset this investment and generate some site revenue down the line.

Of course, how much charging stations can profit greatly depends on a number of factors. Nevertheless, the value of charging at a hotel can create a revenue-generating transaction.

Support sustainability goals

Most hotels are actively seeking sustainability goals — looking to receive LEED or GreenPoint rated certification. Installing EV charging stations can help.

EV charging stations support the adoption of electric cars, which are proven to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases. Additionally, many green building programs, such as LEED, award points for EV charging stations.

For hotel chains, showing off green credentials is another way to set itself apart from the competition. Plus, it's the right thing to do.

Hotels can take advantage of available rebates

Another key benefit of installing EV charging stations at hotels is the ability to take advantage of available rebates. And it's likely that the available rebates for EV charging stations won’t last forever. At the moment, various government agencies have EV charging stations rebates available to help encourage the adoption of electric cars. Once there are adequate charging stations, it's likely that the rebates will disappear.

At this time, hotels can take advantage of a myriad of available rebates. Many of these rebate programs can cover around 50% to 80% of the total cost. In terms of dollars, that could add up to (in some cases) as much as $15,000. For hotels looking to get with the times, it's high-time to take advantage of these attractive rebates as they won’t be around forever.


Author Bio: Darya Oreizi is the founder at Charged Future: the EV charging consultancy. Charged Future helps businesses implement and achieve EV charging goals. Oreizi works with businesses as an EV charging project manager looking to save both time and money for his clients. This includes searching and applying to all eligible rebate applications, which can typically cover a large portion of the project cost. (Edited by Matt Pressman at EVANNEX)