EVANNEX brings the Lifetime Replacement Program for aftermarket Tesla/EV parts and accessories for the first time in the industry

EVANNEX brings the Lifetime Replacement Program for aftermarket Tesla/EV parts and accessories for the first time in the industry

What do you look for when buying parts for your Tesla or modern EV? The Tesla experts at EVANNEX.com have done it again by offering a Lifetime Replacement Program on their expansive catalog of Tesla/EV performance, accessories, and maintenance parts.

The EVANNEX Lifetime Replacement Program provides a unique offer to back the parts you buy for the lifetime of your vehicle ownership.

The Lifetime Replacement Program by EVANNEX also helps in the transition to further reducing the associated maintenance costs of electric vehicles. If a car owner has peace of mind of the Lifetime Replacement Program — it helps ease the decision of owning an EV which is a new technology compared to the legacy internal combustion engine (ICE) cars.

How EVANNEX Lifetime Replacement Program (LRP) Works

So, how does the program work?

The most important thing to note is to purchase "Qualifying Parts" from the EVANNEX online store to avail the benefit of worry-free lifetime replacement of your purchased products. 

To identify a qualifying part or product, you need to look for a label under the product description saying "Lifetime Replacement Eligible" (see example screenshot below). This label will also be included in the order confirmation email you receive from EVANNEX. Only the products tagged with Lifetime Replacement Program will be eligible for the program.

Screenshot of EVANNEX Lifetime Replacement eligible product example

Above: Screenshot of an example product that is eligible for the EVANNEX Lifetime Replacement Program. Look for the marked tag before ordering a product for which you want to avail the free lifetime replacement offer.

If you ever need a replacement for the qualifying product you bought from EVANNEX, you just need to ship it back to us. The only thing you need to add to the return package is the RMA Form which our customer support team will provide you on request (just call (330) 331-2640 to begin the process).

The EVANNEX Lifetime Replacement Program works on a points-based system. For each dollar of the original cost of the part or product, you will be awarded an EVNNANEX Reward Point. These reward points are useful in case the product you want to replace is no longer available for reasons such as the manufacturer stops producing it. You can redeem your reward points to get another product from our online store.

However, we have a few rules in place that we have listed on the EVANNEX Lifetime Replacement Program page.. It would be very helpful to read them before you order a LRP Eligible product (shouldn't take more than 2-3 mins).

To bring clarity for our customers, we also have answered most of the frequently asked questions regarding the Lifetime Replacement Program that you can read on the FAQs page.

Our dedicated team is always happy to answer your queries and concerns, just dial (330) 331-2640 and our product experts will guide you accordingly.


We have an extensive catalog of performance, accessories and maintenance parts for your Tesla Model 3Model YModel SModel X, and the Cybertruck that qualify for lifetime replacement. Apart from Tesla electric cars, parts for other EVs such as the Rivian R1T & R1SBMW i3, iX, & i4 and Lucid Air also qualify for the EVANNEX Lifetime Replacement Program. So check out our online store and order your lifetime free replacement product today.