Monthly EV and raw material sales slip in July, but remain strongly up year-over-year

The latest Monthly Battery Raw Materials Deployment report from Adamas Intelligence is out, and the news is a bit of a mixed bag. Global EV sales and deliveries of battery raw materials fell on a monthly basis in July, but are still showing strong growth compared to July 2021.

Above: A raw materials mining site. Photo: Adamas Intelligence

In July 2022, global monthly sales of electrified passenger vehicles (EVs, PHEVs and hybrids) came to over 1,141,000 units, an 11% monthly decrease but a 40% increase over the same month last year, despite stubborn supply chain challenges.

Sales of EVs and PHEVs continued to grow at a faster pace (up 61% year-over-year) than those of hybrids (up just 8% YoY).

The highest rate of growth continues to be in the Asia/Pacific region: sales were down 6% on a monthly basis, but up 76% over July 2021. In Europe, the picture was bleaker: electrified passenger vehicle sales were down 26% month-over-month, and down 2% versus July 2021. Adamas blames a low point in Tesla’s quarterly delivery cycle, along with weak consumer confidence as Russia’s war in Ukraine rages on, fueling fears of a wintertime energy crisis. In the Americas, sales were down 6% month-over-month but up 11% over July 2021.

Similar trends were to be seen in battery deployments and raw material deliveries. In July, 37,168 MWh of battery capacity was deployed onto roads globally, an 18% monthly drop but an 81% yearly increase.

China’s CATL continued to be the top cell supplier, delivering 11,553 MWh. Chinese automaker BYD stole the title of top automaker from Tesla, deploying 5,744 MWh deployed.

Lithium saw a 17% drop month-over-month but a 78% increase over July 2021. Nickel logged a 15% decrease month-over-month but a 55% increase over July 2021. Cobalt deliveries fell 13% month-over-month but grew by 46% year-over-year. Graphite continues to grow in importance: it saw an 18% drop month-over-month but an impressive 85% increase over July 2021.


This article originally appeared in Charged. Author: Charles Morris. Source: Adamas Intelligence