Motor Trend: Both Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X voted 2016 'Car / SUV of the Year' finalists

Every year, Motor Trend* votes an elite group of auto finalists into its "Car of the Year" and "SUV of the Year" awards. In quite an impressive feat, Tesla Motors [NASDAQ: TSLA] was able to get both it's Model S and Model X voted as finalists. It's important to remember — the Tesla Model S already won Motor Trend's "Car of the Year" (COTY) award back in 2013. So it was fantastic to see it (and the Model X) make it's way back into the finals for this year's awards.

Image: Tesla 

With the Model S, Motor Trend noted, "If you buy a 60-kW-hr version and later decide that you want an extra 40 miles of range... Voilà. You have a Model S 75. That’s perhaps the biggest reason why the Model S was a finalist this year. As Frank Markus said, 'I’m awed by the upgradability. Go to sleep with a 60, wake up with a 75.' Kim Reynolds explained further: 'The Model S’ entrée to this year’s COTY field was primarily via a whole new doorway to eligibility—its significantly updated software—since what was essentially the same car had won COTY in 2013.'" Motor Trend concluded, "After four years on the market, the Tesla is still a technological and dynamic force to be seriously considered."


Image: Motor Trend*

With the Model X, Motor Trend said they liked the sensation of, "experiencing futuristic Autopilot driving today... [and] you’re looking at an SUV that really impressed our judges in some ways, but lost points thanks to a lack of fold-flat second-row seats to allow owners to carry big stuff inside the car." However, Tesla just announced a Model X option that offers fold-down seats. Motor Trend concluded, "The P90D’s performance makes it the Lamborghini LM002 of our day. Nearly everything else about the way one approaches, interacts with, and drives any Model X seems certain to provide a perpetual source of surprise and delight."

Image: Tesla

Tesla Motors is no stranger to awards and accolades. In fact, Forbes just ranked Tesla the most innovative company in the world this year. And Tesla continues to innovate with with its forthcoming, lower-priced Model 3 and expansion into the solar arena with its proposed merger with SolarCity. This innovation gives Tesla a unique competitive advantage that allows the company to get recognized by media outlets ranging from Motor Trend to Forbes. And, as Tesla continues to invest heavily in R&D, we anticipate more innovation (and awards) to come soon.


*Source: Motor Trend, Model S / Model X