Motor Verso: Tesla is the car that will shape the future [Video]

Tesla Motors [NASDAQ: TSLA] remains the company pushing the automotive industry into the future. And it's not just the forthcoming, futuristic P100DL with new self-driving hardware. Let's look back at this year's facelift Tesla Model S P90DL as a prime example — the folks at Motor Verso just reviewed it and they love it: "The looks of the car are now more appealing than ever. The 2016 facelift that we can see here gives the car a more premium look." What about its quickness? Well, the 0-60 MPH times are shocking: "Tesla’s figures quite simply squash supercars... the only way you can describe this experience is being on a theme park ride designed for extreme acceleration."

Source: Motor Verso*

That said, how about its overall performance? "As soon as you hit the accelerator pedal the car launches forward like you have been kicked in the back... [and] the power is translated to the road in such an efficient manner via the Michelin Super Sport 3 tyres. There is absolutely no drama at all, the electric motors, with the guidance of an electrically emulated LSD, can actively control how the power is distributed to each wheel — meaning that you get the absolute most out of every bit of grip on the road."

Source: Motor Verso*

How about range? "To prove the capabilities of the P90D we took a 1,200 mile trip from Birmingham to the Scottish Highlands and back in just three days... [and] there is no excuse for not travelling long distances with the Model S. We have proved that during our testing." And how about Tesla's Autopilot? "Testing this technology was such an incredible experience... the Model S is certainly very capable of perfectly holding a well marked lane on the motorway for a solid period of time. It takes a significant amount of testing to really understand the differences these technologies make to the driver, but the benefits they have to the driver over long distances are really quite remarkable."


Source: Motor Verso*

So what's the final verdict? "The Tesla Model S P90D is capable of doing realistic mileage of over 250 miles on a single charge, off the line it will show most Ferrari owners a pair of Tesla rear lights and leave them in a trail of dust, whilst on the inside you have an environment that is super-refined and at the cutting edge of technology. I don’t have any idea how Tesla has managed to mix all of these elements together... [but they] all work so well together and I am absolutely in love with this car."


*Source: Motor Verso / Photography: Ross Jukes