New electric vehicle webinar series is being introduced soon

Whether you’re an electric car driver, soon-to-be owner, or enthusiast, a new webinar series from the folks over at EVmatch might be of interest to you. This new webinar series plans to feature industry experts talking about buying electric cars, solutions to some of the biggest barriers to widespread EV adoption, and EV charging. 

Source: EVmatch

The are also plans to provide more detailed information on EVmatch’s innovative peer-to-peer charging services (and products) in a format that allows those interested to ask questions in real-time.

So what EV-related webinars are coming up? Check out the schedule below to see upcoming webinars and feel free to register for those you might be interested in...

How To Pick The Right Electric Vehicle For Your Household And Lifestyle

Tuesday, April 28th, 12:00 PM PT

To celebrate Drive Electric Earth Day, join EVmatch and EV Life – a new web platform that helps you save thousands on an electric car – in a conversation about how to pick the right EV to serve your specific needs. This webinar plans to cover the different types of EVs, the most popular models out there, and how charging fits into the equation. Plus, Peter Glenn of EV Life will share his expertise on the EV buying process and provide details on how his website helps customers save thousands. Things will wrap up with a Q&A session.


How Peer-To-Peer Electric Vehicle Charging Works And Why It Has So Much Potential

Tuesday, May 12th, 12:00 PM PT

Sometimes a barrier to EV adoption is access to ubiquitous (and easy) EV charging — especially for non-Tesla owners. To that end, some EV owners out there don’t have enough charging options. Others may find some options can be unreliable. In addition, some EV owners, especially renters and multi-unit dwellers, can have issues installing home-based charging. Can a peer-to-peer model work to solve some of these problems? We’ve seen it happen in other industries, from Airbnb to Uber and Lyft. In this webinar, learn why peer-to-peer charging can be a low-cost way to solve a very expensive problem.


Electric Vehicle Charging At Apartments And Condos: How To Get Your HOA Or Property Owner On Board

Tuesday, May 26th, 12:00 PM PT

There's a wealth of experience working with apartments, condos, and multi-unit dwellings of all sizes in order to carefully navigate the process of installing electric vehicle charging. It can be quite complex and time-consuming, but it's proven a worthwhile return on investment for both the property owner and the tenants. Based on these prior experiences (both positive and negative), this webinar lays out a clear path that anyone at multi-unit dwellings can follow so that their own building can install EV charging.



Source: EVmatch