Norway goes crazy over Tesla Model 3, record-breaking shipments and registrations

Norway is the most forward-looking country in Europe when it comes to electric vehicle adoption — Tesla Model 3 registrations are breaking all records after shipments to the country started last month.

Above: Tesla shipment unloads at the Port of Oslo, Norway (Image: Bjorn Nyland)

In the past few months, we've witnessed European Model 3 deliveries on the rise, the first-ever vehicle transport vessel containing Model 3s reached the Port of Zeebrugge, Belgium in the first week of February and the rest is history.

According to Bloomberg, "Teslas are flowing into Norway, the California-based company’s fourth-biggest market worldwide, as it steps up deliveries of the Model 3... With 5,315 new cars registered, Tesla’s Model 3 accounted for 29 percent of the new sales. That beat the previous record of 2,172 (held by the Nissan Leaf) by a wide margin."

Above: Tesla Model 3 is taking over the streets of Norway (Image: Norsk Ebilforening)

In fact, following these record registrations for the Tesla Model 3, "Electric vehicles accounted for more than half of Norway’s car sales in March, making history in the country." To that end, "new registrations of electric vehicles climbed to 58 percent of the total, according to figures released on Monday by the Norwegian Road Federation."

Bjørn Nyland, an EV evangelist from Norway also shared a video (see below) of the Glovis Courage vehicle transport ship docked at the Port of Oslo and unloading which looks like ~1,000 Tesla Model 3 cars plus a few hundred Model S and Model X cars as well.

Above: Video of a Large Shipment of Tesla Model 3, Model S and Model X reach Port of Oslo, Norway (Youtube: Bjorn Nyland)

The way things are progressing for Tesla in China and Europe, Elon Musk's target of 400,000+ deliveries in 2019 does not look all that unrealistic. After all, Musk reminded us at the company's recent Model Y event, "11 years ago Tesla had only one car, today we have delivered over 550k+ electric vehicles" — and now, with Tesla Model 3 truly invading Europe, progress from here on out should be in ludicrous mode.


Written by: Iqtidar Ali. An earlier version of the article originally appeared on X Auto.