New charging plaza in Pasadena provides 26 DC fast chargers, including Tesla Superchargers

Posted on August 12, 2021 by Charles Morris

Tesla is increasingly working with local governments to develop public charging sites, and many of these are mixed sites that offer both Tesla Superchargers and non-Tesla fast chargers. 

Above: Tesla Superchargers included at site of new Pasadena public charger location (Source: Stantec)

Following the May 2020 launch of the Marengo Charging Plaza, the City of Pasadena, California is planning a second large public fast charging station. The new Arroyo Parkway Charging Depot, located near the beginning of the 110 Freeway, will include some 26 DC fast charging stations, some of which will be Tesla Superchargers.

Design and engineering firm Stantec will assist with the design of the (non-Tesla) DC fast chargers, and will also be responsible for engineering the power switch gear, associated structural engineering, and permitting. These chargers will be owned by the city and operated by Greenlots.

Above: A look at some of the public chargers in Pasadena (Source: Stantec)

“The Arroyo Parkway Charging Depot is another way Pasadena Water and Power supports our electric vehicle customers with clean transportation infrastructure.” said Assistant General Manager of Electric Delivery, Marvin Moon.  “We are grateful for the support of our project partners Stantec, Greenlots and Tesla to help make this public charging facility a reality.”

Stantec provides siting, electrical, civil, survey, and structural design services for EVSE projects. The Arroyo Parkway Charging Depot is one of several projects the company is delivering in California. The firm recently completed the design for the installation of 27 charging stations in Rochester, New York, and is also assisting two EV developers with the rollout of DC charging stations at 120 locations in Canada.


This article originally appeared in Charged. Author: Charles Morris. Source: Stantec

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