Performance expert explains why Tesla is so special

Ian Pyka is obsessed with achieving high performance in every facet of his life. A two-sport collegiate athlete (football and track & field) and three time All-American, Pyka was able to make the Olympic team based on stellar performance with the shot put. He went on to become the go-to strength and conditioning coach at a number of pro teams including the Florida Panthers and New England Patriots.

Above: Tesla owners Natasha and Ian Pyka in front of their sports rehab and wellness center, Boca Cryo, located in Boca Raton, Florida (Photo: Boca Cryo)

So what drew Pyka to Tesla? He explains, "It handles like it's on rails. It's so fast, so smooth, it corners so perfectly that it feels like you're on a monorail. It stops on a dime. And, yes, it is incredibly quick."

Much like some athletes he's seen who tend to talk a big game and don't deliver, most roaring gas-guzzlers don't stand a chance against his Tesla. Pyka is impressed with Tesla's quiet prowess on the road.

Pyka decided to trade in his Mercedes for a Tesla. Why? He explains, "The performance of a Tesla is stunning. Even though it's so quiet, it can still beat most exotic cars in a race."

Pyka now teaches a younger generation about optimal human performance in the Exercise Science Department at Florida Atlantic University. College students love the look of his all-electric ride along with its green credentials. 

In addition, Pyka is also a business owner in South Florida. His sports rehab and wellness center, Boca Cryo, offers cryotherapy, magnetherapy, pneumatic compression and a number of other modalities for top athletes so they can recover quickly and maintain stellar performance. 

Pyka says, "I'm proud to park my Tesla out front every day as it speaks to the performance my clientele expect."