Rivian Eyes Acquisition of A Better RoutePlanner to Enhance EV Journey Experience

Rivian Eyes Acquisition of A Better RoutePlanner to Enhance EV Journey Experience

In a move that could significantly enhance the electric vehicle (EV) driving experience, Rivian, the American electric vehicle automaker, is reportedly in discussions to acquire A Better RoutePlanner (ABRP), a leading EV route planning service based in Sweden. While the financial aspects of the deal remain under wraps, ABRP’s reputation as a subsidiary of Iternio, with a compact team renowned for innovation, makes this a notable development in the EV industry.

ABRP, known for its consumer-facing app and robust backend services, has been a pioneer in route planning for EV drivers. The app, developed using React Native, supports multiple platforms including iOS, Android, web, CarPlay, Android Auto, and the emerging Android Automotive. This cross-platform capability allows ABRP to reach a wide user base with a high degree of code commonality.

The technical prowess of ABRP is evident in its continuous API development and advanced EV planning engine, which are essential for providing accurate and efficient route data to EV drivers. The backend infrastructure, powered by a combination of their own cloud and AWS, utilizes technologies like Kubernetes to scale and meet the growing demand for EV route planning.

Data is at the heart of ABRP’s operation, with a vast repository of planning, charging, and vehicle data that is meticulously analyzed to refine the user experience. The company’s commitment to data analysis and security is paramount, ensuring that users receive reliable and safe route planning services.


Rivian’s interest in ABRP is not just about acquiring a service; it’s about integrating ABRP’s data with Rivian’s existing mapping engine provided by Mapbox. This synergy could lead to an unparalleled navigation experience for Rivian drivers, without disrupting the service for other EV owners or backend services utilized by carmakers like Polestar.


As the EV market continues to expand, collaborations like this could pave the way for a seamless and integrated driving experience, making EVs more accessible and convenient for everyone. While official confirmations are pending, the potential acquisition of ABRP by Rivian is a clear signal of the automaker’s commitment to leading the charge in EV technology and user experience.




Source: Electrek

Photo Credit: Rivian website by Andrew Stohmeier