Rivian Joins the Tesla Supercharger Network

Rivian Joins the Tesla Supercharger Network

In an update for electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts, Rivian has announced that its owners can now tap into the expansive Tesla Supercharger network. This integration marks a significant step in cross-company collaboration and expands charging options for Rivian drivers.


Charging Forward with Collaboration


Starting this Monday, Rivian owners can utilize select Tesla Superchargers by using the appropriate adapter. This development sent Rivian’s stock climbing by 3%, while Tesla also saw a 5% increase. The synergy between these two companies underscores the growing interconnectedness of the EV industry.


Rivian vehicles can connect to Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) Superchargers through a complimentary adapter provided by Rivian or a certified NACS to CCS1 adapter. This change, confirmed by Rivian to Yahoo Finance, became effective at 12:00 p.m. ET on Monday.

Access to Over 15,000 Chargers

Mirroring Tesla’s previous arrangement with Ford, Rivian drivers now have access to over 15,000 Tesla chargers, the largest DC fast-charging network available. Rivian’s navigation system will display compatible Superchargers, complete with speed and availability details, streamlining trip planning for Rivian owners.

Rivian emphasizes ease with its ‘plug and charge’ feature, which initiates charging without the need for an app, provided a payment method is linked to Rivian’s mobile app. This user-friendly approach is set to enhance the EV charging experience significantly.

Community Buzz and Future Prospects

The EV community got wind of this partnership through InsideEVs and a video from a Rivian owner, showcasing the seamless interaction between a Rivian EV and a Tesla Supercharger. With this move, Rivian continues to build on its promise of a charging deal announced last year, paving the way for a more integrated EV future.


For Rivian owners eager to join the charging network, there’s no need to wait for the complimentary adapter. They have the option to purchase a compatible adapter for Tesla’s latest V3 and V4 Supercharger DC fast chargers. This ensures that Rivian drivers can enjoy the benefits of the Supercharger network immediately.


Looking ahead, Rivian is gearing up for the future with its R2 and R3 models, slated for release in 2026, which will come standard with the Tesla NACS inlet plug. Additionally, the existing R1 models are set to receive the NACS inlet by 2025, further streamlining the charging process for Rivian drivers.



Source: Autoblog