Six reasons why having a Tesla is better in a hurricane

Hurricane Matthew is clobbering us here in Florida as I write this post. The wind is howling, our power is out (I have a laptop), trees are down, it’s hot, and it’s night. There’s really nothing to do but listen to the wind and rain and hope this monster storm passes us by with little damage.

With the power out and the storm raging, I got to thinking about all the reasons why having a Tesla is better during a hurricane: 

  • 1. You don’t have to sit in long gas lines the day before the storm. Yesterday, I put a range charge on my family's Tesla Model S and Model X in the comfort of my own garage and they're both good to go.
  • 2. Also, as days without power mount up, you don’t have to worry about the hurricane price gouging at local gas stations.
  • 3. You have instant air conditioning in the Florida heat. So if your power goes out and the hurricane is hitting, you can walk into your garage, jump into your Tesla and stay cool. In fact, you can put the rear seats down and even sleep in an air conditioned Tesla. You can’t do that with an internal combustion engine car, if a gasoline-powered car is on and parked in a closed garage—toxic fumes would kill you in minutes.
  • 4. With the power out in your house, you can charge all of your USB capable devices with your car safely parked in your garage.
  • 5. You can look at large weather maps on your Tesla centerstack touchscreen when your cable TV provider goes down and power goes out... It’s bigger and better than a mobile phone.
  • 6. The day after, you can go to a supercharger and “fill up” (for free) even when most local gas stations have no power.

Hurricanes are no fun—with or without a Tesla. But having one makes things just a little bit easier. Now… if there was only a way that my Tesla could help put up the storm shutters for me!