Some Chinese 'employee of the year' winners get a shiny new Tesla Model 3

One employer in China recently came up with an impressive reward for their best, most-respected, hard-working employees. They just handed over a free Tesla Model 3 to each 'employee of the year' at their company. Whoa, that sounds like a pretty awesome place to work — talk about a compelling incentive!

Above: Tesla Model 3 fleet waiting to be handed over to the company's hard-working employees in China (Source: Vincent/Twitter)

Tesla enthusiast and influencer Vincent posted a couple of pictures of these Made-in-China Tesla Model 3 electric cars that employers gave as "gifts" to the best-performing staff at their company. It must have been a super-exciting experience for these fortunate employees and a motivation for others for the coming year.

As the Chinese year recently ended, Elon Musk also extended his wishes for a happy Chinese New Year on behalf of Tesla. The Chinese New Year card he posted on his Twitter account has "S3XY" highlighted over a message in Mandarin.  Earlier this month he officially started deliveries of China-made Model 3 cars with a dance of his own.

Source: Vincent/Twitter

The animated GIF under Vincent's tweet nicely translates the emotions of these lucky employees. Hopefully, more companies around the world will follow this example and reward their talent with Teslas. In addition, this also helps spread awareness for a sustainable future and lower our carbon footprint.

Above: Tesla Model 3 stamping process at the Gigafactory Shanghai, China (YouTube: JayinShanghai)

What else is happening with Tesla in China? From recent video footage via Gigafactory Shanghai, we can catch a glimpse of Tesla's manufacturing of Model 3s. These two videos showcase the stamping process inside Tesla's giant production facility that was just built within a year — from a mud-covered field to fully-operational production (and vehicle deliveries).

And according to Reuters, "U.S. electric carmaker Tesla's factory in China's financial hub of Shanghai will resume production on Feb. 10 with assistance to help it cope with a spreading epidemic of coronavirus, a Shanghai government official said on Saturday." Great to hear Gigafactory Shanghai will be up-and-running again this week!


Written by: Iqtidar Ali. An earlier version of this article was originally published on X Auto.