On-demand charging: A 'unique concierge service' for electric vehicle owners

Most EV drivers charge conveniently and inexpensively at home, but for some drivers and in some situations, that’s not a viable option. What if, instead of visiting a public charger, you could order a charge to be delivered to wherever you happen to be parked? 

Above: A look at on-demand charging with a new app (Source: SparkCharge)

That’s the value proposition behind the startup SparkCharge, which recently raised $23 million in a Series A funding round. The company will use the new funds to scale Currently, its on-demand mobile charging app.

SparkCharge says the Currently service has delivered over 100,000 miles of range to EV owners, and is on track to deliver millions of miles of charge this year.

Since the start of 2022, SparkCharge has secured partnerships with global brands including Kia, Hertz and Uber. SparkCharge’s Currently app has been launched in 4 cities, and the company plans to expand it to over 20 additional markets.

“With the growth of the EV industry and the major gaps in charging access, we will be better able to scale our EV network regardless of the infrastructures in place,” said Josh Aviv, CEO and founder of SparkCharge. “The investments will also allow our team to serve markets where no one else can to meet the needs of EV owners and fleets across the country, in major cities and suburbs.”

“SparkCharge is thriving by offering a unique concierge service, while everyone else is pushing the same old, same old self-serves,” said investor Mark Cuban. “Currently makes charging convenient and accessible to a booming industry—reinvesting in them was an easy decision.”

SparkCharge plans to reveal several new products and major updates at its annual SparkDay event this August. “The products we reveal on SparkDay are going to allow for a fundamental shift in the way people perceive EV charging,” said Joshua Aviv. “We are going to disrupt the traditional way EV charging is done at its core and open the world’s eyes to a seamless, connected way of EV charging, effectively removing the EV owner from the EV charging equation.”


This article originally appeared in Charged. Author: Charles Morris. Source: SparkCharge