Virtual Showroom: Take an immersive 3D tour of a fully-loaded Tesla Model X P100D

EV Hire recently started booking a fleet of ludicrous P100D Teslas to locals in Britain. Daryl Pearce, EV Hire's founder, explains with pride: "The Tesla vehicles that I stock are the fastest production cars ever produced to date. I mean, the Model S P100D is proven to be faster than a Bugatti Veyron going from 0-60mph. I never thought I would see the day that an EV could achieve that."


Above: EV Hire's Tesla Model X P100D (Source: EV Hire)

Just recently, EV Hire created a unique virtual showroom in order to help its customers experience the leg room, seat configuration, and dash layout of their popular Model X which they have available for rental starting at £348 per day. Pearce explains that the company was, "looking to give its potential customers a fun and 'never-seen-before' way of checking out every possible angle of the Model X P100D" in a completely novel way online.


Above: A preview of EV Hire's virtual tour of their Tesla Model X (Source: EV Hire)

EV Hire partnered with SA Virtual to create this eye-catching digital showroom experience. They shot 360 degree images of the Model X from nearly every conceivable point in the room — all while collecting data to create an immersive 3D model. The information was later processed and synthesized to create this captivating virtual reality tour of the vehicle.

Above: A screen shot from inside EV Hire's virtual tour of a Tesla Model X P100D (Source: EV Hire)

Pearce notes, "We worked closely with SA Virtual to create the immersive virtual reality tour. They made the process really easy and advised on key aspects, making sure to maximize engagement with users and make it as easy as possible to navigate... as well as their CAA-approved drone operator creating an aerial video of the Tesla Model X in the Brecon Beacons in Wales [which you can view upstairs in the cinema]."


Above: A Tesla Model X P100D from the EV Hire fleet speeds away (Source: EV Hire)

EV Hire, based in Croydon, wants to help spread the Tesla message throughout the UK. Pearce explains, "These Teslas prove that an EV cannot just compete with combustion driven vehicles, they can outperform them on every level. We're passionate about helping people to see and experience these feats of engineering... discovering for themselves how these cars will shape the future of vehicle design for years to come."


Source: EV Hire