Taking a page from Tesla’s book, NYC charging network builds charging Superhub in Brooklyn

Tesla has been building ever-larger Supercharger stations with multiple charging points—the latest to be announced is one with 62 stalls in Santa Monica.

Above: Former Pfizer building will house a massive universal fast charging depot in Brooklyn (Source: Tritum via WeDo)

As EV ownership spreads from suburban drivers with garages to urban dwellers who may have no assigned parking spaces, we’ll see more of these massive public charging sites appearing in cities around the world, and Tesla is no longer the only player in this game.

Electric transportation company Revel is building what it calls a “Superhub” at the historic former Pfizer building in Brooklyn. The site, which will go live this spring, will feature 30 chargers open to the public 24/7. It will be the first of a network of fast charging Superhubs that Revel plans to open across New York City.

Revel launched a shared fleet of electric mopeds in 2018, and now operates in New York City, Washington DC, Miami and the California Bay Area.

Twitter: Will Geary

“Revel is building the infrastructure of the future and we’re building it now—our planet can’t wait,” said Revel CEO and co-founder Frank Reig. “We couldn’t be more excited to bring fast charging to our home borough of Brooklyn and get to work on the first of many Superhubs to come in 2021.”

The former Pfizer building has been transformed into a site for startups in the arts, technology, fashion and media. “Welcoming Revel as a tenant is a slam dunk for us,” said Jeff Rosenblum of property owner Acumen Capital Partners. “Our mission with the Pfizer building has been to transform a historic site into a home for forward-thinking companies, and electrification truly is the future.”

Revel chose Tritium’s recently-launched RTM75 model for the first ten chargers at its Brooklyn site. The company plans to install upcoming Tritium fast charger models at the Superhub in the coming months, further increasing charging capacity and speed.  

Above: A look at the RTM75 charger (YouTube: Tritium)

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Revel to install our first RTM75 chargers in the Americas,” said Mike Calise, Tritium’s President of the Americas. “Critical projects like this bring the convenience of DC fast charging to vibrant city neighborhoods, like Brooklyn, the most populous borough in New York City.”


This article originally appeared in Charged. Author: Charles Morris. Sources: Revel, Tritium