Tech reviewer 'MaiOnHigh' has a thing for Tesla

Lexie Janson left behind a stable gig as an architect to follow her (many) passions. Becoming a drone racer, python developer, and tech reviewer, Janson morphed into MaiOnHigh — a quirky, captivating alter ego she created on social media. She started MaiOnHigh to "encourage women and girls to be more interested in IT, technology, drones, and electric vehicles." She also happens to be the proud owner of both a Tesla Model S and Model 3.

Above: Lexie Janson and her Tesla Model 3 (Instagram: MaiOnHigh)

When Janson's not speaking at conferences around the world (e.g. Intel, Women in Tech, Hackerspace, InterDrone), she's busy logging kilometers on her favorite electric cars. She tells me, "Our Model S has been with us since 2015 and got us through 160.000km. Our Model 3 was delivered this April and already went through 19.000km."

Above: "MaiOnHigh" on top of her Model 3 (Source: MaiOnHigh)

Janson has documented some pretty wild Tesla road trips on her YouTube channel. She says, "I think it's much safer and better for your body and mind to stop at a Supercharger every now and then on long rides... Yes I know some people will say how they can go 1000km without stopping. I really envy those people's bladders."

Above: Janson's Model S at a Tesla Supercharger (Instagram: MaiOnHigh)

She also adds, "The people we meet at Superchargers are amazing too. And racing other cars and motorcycles on the road just to stop later for conversation or get a 'thumbs up' is just pure fun. I live in Germany and more than 50% of our energy is produced by sun and wind. So It feels good not to pollute the air we breathe." 

Above: Taking the Model S high up in the mountains (Source: MaiOnHigh)

So which Tesla does Janson like better? It depends. She admits, "Model S is my baby. We have a special relationship with each other (I guess most Tesla owners will relate. Right?). What I love about her is the space inside. We can pack a ton of stuff into her, and not feel it while driving. We can create some traveling space for our cats, and still have space for our suitcases and other necessities."

Above: Janson talks about gadgets for her Model 3 (YouTube: MaiOnHigh)

"What I like about Model 3 more is quicker charging (duh) and the fact that it is indeed compact. Way easier to find a parking spot (in Germany, electric cars park for free in the city)... The glass roof is pretty epic as well. I enjoy laying down in him and just watching the sky. And yes, he is my new baby as well," explains Janson.

Above: Janson's Model 3 (Instagram: MaiOnHigh)

When asked what her favorite thing is about being a Tesla owner, Janson replies, "The Tesla community is amazing. I have recently connected with a whole rally of 60 Teslas in Croatia, and they asked me to join them on my way from Dubrovnik back to Zagreb... I have made a lot of friends thanks to Tesla, and it's not only [here] around me in Europe - but all around the world."


Source: MaiOnHigh