Photo Gallery: Tesla Eye Candy was on full display at 'Cars and Coffee'

Signature Custom Wraps recently held a "Cars and Coffee" event for Tesla owners — EVANNEX was a proud sponsor and excited attendee! Local owners from all over the state of Florida came out to enjoy coffee, cookies, and some the most tricked-out Teslas in the area. There was a raffle with EVANNEX products, a Tesla Wall Charger, and many other fun goodies. 

Above:Tesla owners come out for a 'Cars and Coffee' event at Signature Custom Wraps in South Florida (Photo by Casey Murphy, EVANNEX)

It was a great opportunity for us to see some of our friends and check out our aftermarket Tesla accessories in action. We love that the local Tesla community here in the Sunshine State is so tight! If your local Tesla club is having a similar type of event, please reach out — we'd love to see if we could play a role in making it a special occasion like this one!