Tesla Celebrates 50,000th Supercharging Stall Installation with Unique Red Dispenser

Tesla Celebrates 50,000th Supercharging Stall Installation with Unique Red Dispenser

Tesla continues to lead the electric vehicle (EV) charging game, recently reaching a significant milestone with the installation of its 50,000th Supercharging stall. This achievement was commemorated with a special charging stall that stands out from the rest.

Unlike the standard white and red design, this celebratory charging stall is entirely red, reminiscent of the striking Ultra Red color used on Tesla's Model S and Model X vehicles. A distinctive label reading "No 50,000" is also proudly displayed near the bottom of the dispenser.


While Tesla didn't specify the exact location of this remarkable Supercharger, clues from Tesla's NACS charging connector suggest it's likely in North America. Tesla enthusiasts quickly pieced together the puzzle, identifying the milestone stall in Roseville, California, part of the Sacramento area.

The newly minted Supercharger is situated at 1851 Freedom Way, Roseville, CA, and it's poised to attract a lot of attention, at least temporarily, from the local Tesla community.

Despite its unique appearance, there's no indication that this special charging stall differs in terms of power output or charging cost compared to standard units; it should operate as a typical 250-kilowatt Supercharger.

Tesla's Supercharging network is already the largest among all fast-charging networks, with well over 5,000 stations located globally. The company's commitment to rapid expansion suggests it will maintain its lead in the near future.

In the coming years, Tesla plans to make Superchargers more accessible to non-Tesla electric vehicles through a pilot program and the adoption of Tesla's NACS charging connector (in North America) by other automakers. This move will open up the extensive Supercharger network to a wider range of EV users, enhancing the overall EV charging landscape. As competition heats up in the charging sector, EV drivers can look forward to more options and improved services, from charging power and pricing to locations and amenities, ensuring a convenient and reliable charging experience.



Source: InsideEVs