Tesla Cybertruck's Solar Roof: A Forgotten Promise or a Hidden Surprise?

Tesla Cybertruck's Solar Roof: A Forgotten Promise or a Hidden Surprise?

With the highly anticipated release of the Tesla Cybertruck drawing ever closer, the automotive world is abuzz with excitement and curiosity. Among the many promises and innovations associated with this groundbreaking electric pickup, one question looms large: will it indeed feature a solar roof?


Tesla initially announced that the Cybertruck would offer a solar roof option, adding 15 miles of range per day. However, as the Cybertruck approaches production, it's unclear if this feature will be included.

While other automakers have explored solar options for electric vehicles, Cybertruck-maker Tesla had not implemented them in the past. In 2017, CEO Elon Musk considered integrating solar cells into the Cybertruck, but deemed it impractical at the time. Tesla's expertise in embedding solar cells improved through the development of Cybertruck-specific solar roof tiles.

After the Cybertruck's launch, Musk surprised many by confirming a solar roof option for the Cybertruck. The solar cells were said to be embedded inside the retractable tonneau cover, as shown in a Tesla patent.

However, with Cybertruck production nearing, it's uncertain if the solar roof will be available. The feature hasn't been spotted on the latest Cybertruck prototypes, although it's possible that it's well hidden. Alternatively, Tesla may offer the solar tonneau cover as a retrofittable option later.

In summary, the status of the solar roof option in the Tesla Cybertruck remains uncertain, leaving enthusiasts and potential Cybertruck buyers with unanswered questions about its inclusion.


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