Tesla Delivers Full Self-Driving Beta "Out of the Box"

Tesla Delivers Full Self-Driving Beta "Out of the Box"

Tesla owners and enthusiasts have reason to celebrate as reports emerge suggesting that the Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta is being delivered pre-installed in vehicles. This means that buyers who opt for the FSD software will no longer have to wait for a software update after purchase to unlock the feature—it's now ready to go from day one.

Previously, FSD purchasers had to download a software update to activate the beta, a process that sometimes involved weeks of waiting. However, this latest development suggests that Tesla has streamlined the process, allowing FSD to be available immediately upon purchase or transfer to a new vehicle.

Notably, users who have recently transferred FSD to new vehicles have reported that the feature was already active in their new cars, eliminating the need for a software update. This pre-installation also indicates that Tesla has shifted to a single-build release for its vehicles, a significant operational shift for the company.

The importance of this news, speculating that it may tie into Tesla's plans for the next version of the FSD system. In April, Elon Musk had boldly claimed that Tesla would achieve full autonomy by the end of the year, albeit with a history of ambitious timelines. Musk also hinted that FSD v12 would mark the end of its beta phase, promising substantial functionality improvements.

In August, Musk provided a sneak peek into FSD v12's capabilities through a live-streamed demonstration as he allowed his vehicle to navigate Palo Alto, California, showcasing the system's advancements.

This development arrives on the final day of Tesla's temporary offer, allowing customers to transfer the FSD beta to another vehicle if they took delivery by September 30. Reports suggest that Tesla may consider extending this offer to accommodate those who made a genuine effort to take delivery by the end of the month.

Further insights into the recent progress of the FSD beta were unveiled in excerpts leading up to the release of Walter Isaacson's biography of Elon Musk and within the book itself. Isaacson highlighted Tesla's transition from a "rules-based" approach to an approach driven by network-path-based neural network training using real-world driver footage.

As Tesla continues to refine and enhance its Full Self-Driving capabilities, these latest changes reflect the company's commitment to advancing the future of autonomous driving technology.


Source: Teslarati