Elon Musk wants Tesla's Gigafactory in Berlin to be covered in graffiti art

It’s now time to start a major makeover of Tesla's Gigafactory in Berlin as multiple buildings come to completion. To make its German car factory an attractive place to work, Tesla officially invited artists to submit their portfolios if they'd like to help cover Giga Berlin in graffiti art.

Left: Artistic interpretation of Elon Musk; Right: Graffiti-style wrap on a Tesla Model X (Flickr: Eden, Janine, and Jim / Source: Kari Kallonen)

Tesla made the announcement recently on Twitter, "If you want to help cover Giga Berlin in awesome graffiti art, send us your work at GigaBerlinArt@Tesla.com."

Since this is a huge plant and there are still several buildings to be constructed in the near and far future, Tesla is going to need an entire team of artists to complete this creative project. 

Above: Tesla's Model Y (Source: EVANNEX; Photo by Casey Murphy)

Looking back, in the days of east and west Germany, the Berlin wall’s west side was once covered in political graffiti art. Now both the east and west sides have new graffiti art being painted from time to time. Berlin is still considered a graffiti capital of the world. So it's likely that Tesla should receive plenty of portfolios for this upcoming art project as there's a good supply of talented local artists at hand.

Elon Musk announced this would be the case earlier this year when he noted that Giga Berlin will be filled with graffiti art. This unique art project should bring together Tesla’s German car plant with local artists — integrating emotion and character with a cool 'saving-the-world' work environment to make it more engaging.

Above: Tesla Model S and Y parked in front of graffiti (Source: EV Clicks)

Construction progress is rapid for Tesla's German factory. As certain buildings are getting completed, some of the major contractors at Giga Berlin have started to leave the area.

One of these was the Goldbeck Group from Germany. Jan-Hendrick Goldbeck, Managing Director of the Goldbeck Group wrote in his LinkedIn post, "After 10 months of hard work on all sides, we‘re done with our scope! Thanks so much to the Tesla team, Elon Musk and of course to all the Goldbeck team champions; partner companies fighting day and night to meet this challenge... [and] finishing this moonshot project."

Above: Tesla's Model Y (Source: EVANNEX; Photo by Casey Murphy)

Perhaps it's high time for the graffiti artists to take over. We'll be watching.


Written by: Iqtidar Ali. An earlier version of this article was originally published on Tesla Oracle.