Tesla is training the next generation of technicians for an electric vehicle future [Video]

Tesla is looking to provide a smooth transition from college to full-time employment for those interested in an electric vehicle future. One of its programs, Tesla's Student Automotive Technician Program (aka Tesla START), was designed to help the next generation develop tech expertise through classes, labs, and hands-on learning. Tesla has partnered with North American colleges to integrate its START program into their automotive technician curriculums. 

Above: A student from the Tesla START program (Image: Tesla)

The Los Angeles Daily News recently reported that the 10 students enrolled in Tesla START at Rio Hondo College "completed the course and all 10 have jobs lined up at Tesla service centers." One of the students, Natalie Dovales-Flores, said: "It was a very difficult program... It keeps you on your toes.” Dovales-Flores will soon begin work at a Tesla service center in Scottsdale.

It's reported that, "Instead of training technicians when they start the job, Tesla is arming students ahead of time with knowledge of the company’s products and service so graduates can hit the ground running... The program is designed to accelerate the nation’s transition to sustainable energy with careers that place students at the forefront of the growing electric vehicle revolution. "


Above: A look at recent graduates of the Tesla START program (Youtube: Fox Business)

And it's not just programs like Tesla START that encourage younger workers to learn the skills needed to work at the company. There other other programs in place as well. According to the Las Vegas Sun, Tesla has also partnered with Nevada's "state community college system to create the Tesla Manufacturing Development Program. It began last year as a pilot program, sending 13 students to employment with the electric vehicle company out of last year’s graduating class."

And more students got involved this year. It's reported that, "15 students in this year’s graduating class signed letters of intent to work for Tesla." Graduating student Quran Broussard Jr. explained, "I really wanted to work for a company like Tesla that is eco-friendly and cares about the environment. They worry about how our future is and are working away from using fossil fuels. I can’t wait to help them to work toward the future.”

Above: The next generation of electric car experts are training for jobs at Tesla (Image: Tesla)

Tesla recently hosted a field trip to the Gigafactory so students could hear from the graduates who'd already gone through the program. Broussard said, "It was great. We got to see the factory, which was huge and amazing. Everybody seemed to be super happy and nice there. I saw a lot of potential learning experiences there and I can’t wait to take part in them myself.”


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