Tesla Model 3 Performance: A New Level of Excellence

Tesla Model 3 Performance: A New Level of Excellence

Tesla has once again raised the bar with the revised Model 3 Performance, a car that is not just better, but also visually distinguishable from its predecessor. With its unique front and rear bumpers, a carbon fiber spoiler, and upgraded wheels that perfectly balance aerodynamics and sportiness, the new Model 3 Performance is a sight to behold.

Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla’s chief of design, emphasizes that every visual modification on the Model 3 Performance serves a functional purpose. The lower and deeper front bumper, for instance, not only gives the car a more grounded stance but also features aero slats that channel air into the front wheel wells. This, combined with the new Performance wheels, significantly enhances the car’s aerodynamics.

Even the seemingly small trunk lid spoiler has been meticulously designed. A closer look reveals a higher central part, intentionally designed to create more downforce in the center of the vehicle. The sides are lower to minimize drag, a design choice that also happens to add a cool aesthetic touch.

The 20-inch forged Performance wheels are stiffer than the regular 19s on the Model 3 and outperform the old 20-inch Überturbines from the previous Model 3 Performance. According to Tesla’s Vice President of Vehicle Engineering, Lars Morvay, these stiffer wheels enhance the steering feel, making it sharper and more connected.

Inside the car, the most significant change is the addition of sports seats that hug your body. Given the car’s impressive performance on twisty roads, this extra support is much needed. In fact, during a recent drive in the Model 3 Dual Motor, the car produced so much grip that I found myself holding onto the steering wheel to stay in the seat, wishing for more side support.

For the first time in its history, the Model 3 Performance comes equipped with upgraded brakes and adaptive dampers. While the old Performance model was already very good, the new model takes it to the next level, both visually and in terms of its cornering ability. 




Source: InsideEVs