Tesla Model 3 surpasses Model Y as Germany’s top electric car

Following the Model Y’s debut in Europe earlier this year, the electric SUV quickly became the top registered clean energy vehicle in a handful of countries. Just a few months into the SUV’s young entry into the hotly-contested German market, however, Tesla’s flagship sedan has taken back the throne, leaving the Model Y in second. 

In November, the Tesla Model 3 overtook the Model Y as the most-registered electric vehicle in Germany, according to data from the country’s national auto agency, the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA), in a report from Teslarati. The German auto market remains highly significant in the larger landscape of the European market, with major automakers Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes-Benz based in the country.

Tesla sold 6,811 Model 3 units in November, compared to 3,687 Model Y units sold in the country during the same month. The first deliveries of the Model S and X were also delivered in Europe in November, with Tesla selling 106 and 35 of the vehicles in Germany during the month, respectively.

Tesla’s deliveries in Germany in November hit record levels, representing a 93-percent increase year over year for a total of 10,819 vehicles, and making it the automaker’s second-best sales month yet in the country behind September. The overall auto market also had a good month, though it only saw a 31 percent jump year over year — emphasizing Tesla’s increasing dominance in the market as other automakers scramble to catch up.

Other top-registered vehicles in Germany included the Ford Kuga (4,649) and the Toyota Yaris (2,949), as well as a number of other vehicles with both gas and electric drivetrains. Still, battery-electric vehicles represented about 22.3 percent of the overall auto market share, while plugin hybrid vehicles represented just 17.1 percent.

In September, the Model Y became Germany’s best-selling car throughout the entire auto market for the first time, selling 9,846 units to beat out the gas-powered Volkswagen Golf. Comparatively, the Model 3 sold just 3,878 units during the month, making it the eighth most-purchased vehicle in the market. Together, the company’s September vehicle sales in Germany totaled 13,724, marking Tesla’s best sales month yet in the country.

The German auto market remains a closely monitored sales region, and the next few years will likely be interesting with Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes all moving as quickly as possible to release their first few EVs. While most of Tesla’s deliveries in Germany have come from its Gigafactory Shanghai in past months, the automaker’s newly developed Giga Berlin is set to ring in a new era of German sales for the company as it ramps up production.


Source: Teslarati