Millennials and men pick Tesla Model S as their 'dream car' [Infographic]

The Tesla Model S has won its share of awards and accolades since its launch in 2012. Sure, critics seem to love Tesla's flagship sedan but what about Joe Public? According to a new survey of 2,000 of American-based car owners, both millennials and men chose the Tesla Model S as their top 'dream car' pick. But that's not all — the Tesla Model S was also chosen as 'dream car' in a variety of other segments as well.

Above: Tesla Model S at a company store (Instagram: dual.ctzn)

The Detroit Free Press spoke with Jessica Caldwell, a senior analyst at Edmunds, who didn't seem surprised by the results. Caldwell explains, "Elon Musk has cultivated a devout following over the years that transcends beyond the typical car enthusiast audience. Take a look at the hundreds of thousands of down payments that were made toward the Model 3 sight unseen — it's clear that he's converted faithful masses to his gospel." 

While Ford Mustang was the survey's overall top 'dream car' pick, survey results varied considerably by sex, age, geographic region, and level of automotive expertise. It's reported that, "Women rank the Jeep Wrangler as their top 'dream car,' while men opt for a Tesla Model S." Looking at different age brackets: "The survey's generational age breakdown showed millennials prefer Tesla, Gen X prefers Camaro and baby boomers prefer Corvette."

Above: Model S takes it to the streets (Instagram: gianluca.home.entertainment)

The survey's 'dream car' picks also varied by geographic region. That said, Tesla's Model S won the vast majority of U.S. regions surveyed. To that end, "A geography breakdown showed Tesla ranked as the most popular vehicle in the Pacific, the Northwest and Southwest, while drivers in the Midwest and Southeast chose Mustang. Mountain state drivers selected the Range Rover."

It's likely most gearheads who label themselves "car experts" are more familiar with the internal combustion engine than electric vehicles. That said, it's no surprise that an internal combustion engine car, the Ford Mustang, was the top 'dream car' for that particular crowd. But what about everyday folks who consider themselves "not knowledgeable" in this domain? It turns out that group chose the all-electric Tesla Model S as their top 'dream car' pick.


Above: Enjoying the sunset in a Tesla (Instagram: iain_motorvate)

How was this 'dream car' survey conducted? "The survey was performed by Gold Eagle at the end of October and into the first two weeks of November using the Amazon Mechanical Turk Platform, which is similar to the popular SurveyMonkey. Data was released in January 2018. Gold Eagle carefully screens participants to meet a series of qualifying categories prior to the survey."



Source: Detroit Free Press via Gold Eagle