Tesla Mom continues her road trip adventures

Tesla Mom is gaining popularity as a trailblazer when it comes to her brave and exciting travels across America in her trusty Model S. A favorite pastime of hers is taking supercharged road trips with her 7-year old daughter Abbey. And it turns out she originally got her Tesla back in January of 2017. 

Above: Tiffani Van Ee inside her Tesla Model S (Source: Spark Joy LA)

Tesla Mom, aka Tiffani Van Ee, provides some background on her rationale for purchasing an electric car from the Silicon Valley automaker. She explains, "I test drove beautiful vehicles at Lexus, Mercedes, and BMW. And although these cars were nice, I wasn't feeling that spark of joy. I remembered taking a road trip a year before in a Tesla Model S, and in comparison, the technology and comfort in these brand new cars was light years behind." 

"Well, I went with my gut and decided on a silver Tesla Model S 60.  I can honestly tell you that even though it cost a little more than I originally intended to spend, I have not regretted it once! I absolutely love my Tesla just as much today (if not more) than the day I first took delivery... I never have to buy gas again, and the speed, comfort, and luxury of this car, not to mention the sexy style, and the high-tech updates, are a constant source of joy," explains Van Ee.

Above: Van Ee and her daughter, Abbey, wake up in the trunk of her Tesla Model S that she's furnished with a bed (Instagram: @teslamom.usa)

She adds, "I love being part of the Tesla family, and especially being a small cog in the wheel of Elon Musk's environmental and technological revolution. It is worth every penny!"

Van Ee has continued documenting her Tesla road trips in the Los Angeles Post Examiner. Her latest installment includes more recent adventures traveling from Georgia to Washington DC. Van Ee begins this particular trip by waking up in her very own Tesla bed at a Supercharger station. For more background, she explains her Tesla sleeping set-up (see below) on her new YouTube channel.

Above: Van Ee explains how to set up your own Tesla bed (Youtube: Tesla Mom USA)

Van Ee's road trip tales demonstrate the simplicity of road trip charging. She's even given her Tesla a nickname: Vivienne. She explains, "It’s been 25 days since Abbey, Vivienne, and I left Los Angeles and began our adventure. One thing I’ve learned from driving over 4,000 miles across the country on free supercharging: there is no shortage of Tesla chargers. Erring on caution, I packed all of Vivienne’s charging adapters (J1772, NEMA 14-50, 110V), but I have had zero use for them so far." 

For more details on her Tesla adventures, be sure to keep up with Tesla Mom on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.


Source: Los Angeles Post Examiner, Spark Joy LA