Tesla Service Manuals and Emergency Response Guides are easy to access — here's how to get them

Some good news for those DIY'ers out there who own a Tesla. Tesla recently changed its policy and now allows its customers to subscribe to the company's online vehicle service manuals for a fee of $0 for 1 year (365 days). 

Above: Inside a Tesla Service Center (Source: Tesla)

This is an interesting development as it allows the public access to tons of vital information about the Tesla vehicles including the following: Service Manuals, Parts Manuals (parts catalogs), and Body Repair info; Tooling Catalogs and Wiring Diagrams; Service Bulletins; Labor Codes and Times; Circuit & Connector Reference Guides; and Charging Product Manuals.

This makes it easy for Tesla owners, first responders, and certified Tesla repair shops to work on a Tesla vehicle. This free access to information and diagrams will also enable the ability (for those brave enough to try) to rebuild a salvaged Tesla. 

In the login subscription area of the Tesla service website (https://service.tesla.com/service-subscription), Tesla has listed all the necessary information and diagrams anyone would ever need access for their vehicle. These manuals are available for the entire lineup of current Tesla cars (including Model S, 3, X, Y) and even for the old first-gen version of the Tesla Roadster as well.

Tesla Service Manuals Free Subscription.

Above: Screenshot from one of the Tesla online service manuals that the automaker has granted free subscription for 1 year now (Source: Tesla)

As soon as I found out about this (hat tip to @greentheonly / Twitter), I rushed to sign up for the service and I was actually able to subscribe for $0 for the coming year. However, it is not clear if this will remain free for users after one year — we probably will have to wait to find out.

That said, the wealth of technical information provided by Tesla will help with minor repairs done by technically-savvy DIY Tesla owners and give them a chance to deeply learn about their vehicles.

One thing all Tesla owners (and first responders) should be aware of is how to respond in case of an emergency. To that end, check out the Tesla Emergency Response Guides at the bottom of this post (see below). 

Tesla Model S Emergency Response Guide

2021 Tesla Model S Emergency Response Sheet.

Tesla Model 3 Emergency Response Guide

Tesla Model 3 - Emergency F... by Iqtidar A

Tesla Model Y Emergency Response Guide

Tesla Model Y Emergency Res... by Iqtidar A

Tesla Model S Emergency Response Guide

2021 Model S Emergency Resp... by Iqtidar A

Tesla Model X Emergency Response Guide

Tesla Model X Emergency Res... by Iqtidar A


Written by: Iqtidar Ali. An earlier version of this article was originally published by Tesla Oracle. Revised update edited by EVANNEX. Source: Tesla