Tesla owners get creative for Halloween

Happy Halloween! This Halloween, be sure to check out a fun gallery of Tesla owners who've been showing off their love for the company (and the cars) leading up to the festivities in October. So how did Tesla owners dress up their electric cars for Halloween?

Facebook: Joey Sack

Take a look at some of these creative ideas. You can outfit your Tesla in some crazy ways to surprise those trick-or-treaters, or, just open your frunk and add some pumpkins, jaws or ghoulish decorations. Maybe you can carve your pumpkin into a Tesla "T" to show your pride. Scroll down below for some ideas...

Photo Gallery

Images: Danielle GutierrezR2T3droidliketeslakim, enkvenzcutrnotankzteslatesla_model_customs, plugshare, Darren Lawecki's "Duracell" Tesla (photo: Steve Furniss), Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin's pink "Batmobile" Tesla should come out tonight for Halloween too! (Image: InsideEVs)

Hopefully a few of these pics will give you some fun ideas for Halloween. And there's always the option to use Smart Summon to shock your neighbors as this Tesla owner did — placing a skeleton in the driver seat for a spooky Halloween surprise. You can even see the "bones" in the aero wheels with some cool vinyl mods.

YouTube: SuperJett; Hat Tip: CleanTechnica via Evolve KY

And don't worry... if you're too lazy to carve pumpkins or dress up your Tesla in a crazy new outfit, no problem — you can always take your Tesla out for a leisurely drive and look for a muscle car. That's right, just pull up next to any gas-guzzling muscle car revving their noisy engine at a stop light. Look over, the light will turn green, and when he sees your Tesla leap off the line, you'll surely scare the bejesus out of him!