Drag Race: Tesla Plaid crushes fossil fuel powered competitors [Video]

Posted on December 03, 2021 by Iqtidar Ali

Hagerty recently pulled together a drag race involving 2022 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing, 2022 BMW M5 CS, and a 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid. Despite some of the quickest performance sedans from the internal combustion engine (ICE) world, both of these cars were left behind in a drag race against the Plaid S.

Tesla Model S Plaid, BMW M5, Cadillac CT5-V

Above: Tesla Model S Plaid, BMW M5 CS, and Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing at the dragstrip (Source: Hagerty / YouTube)

Host Jason Cammisa can be seen raving about the Cadillace CT5-V Blackwing for the rest of the review video. Ironically, all Blackwing Cadillacs of the future will no more be ICE — they will be electrified.

Regardless, let’s go through a brief specs comparison of all 3 cars involved in this drag racing event to understand their performance potential.

Performance Specs

 Specs comparison: Tesla Model S Plaid vs. BMW M5 CS vs. Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing.

Above: Specs comparison between Tesla Model S Plaid vs. BMW M5 CS vs. Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing (Data sources: Manufacturer specs, bmwblog.com. Compiled by Iqtidar Ali / TeslaOracle.com)

During the Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing review in the video (below), the host admitted that this sports sedan uses 6.7 times more energy compared to the Model S Plaid. Looking at the EPA estimated fuel economy numbers, this Cadillac doesn't have very impressive efficiency numbers: 15 MPG (13 city, 21 highway). BMW M5 CS is only a little bit better with a combined 17 MPG (15 city, 21 highway).

Meanwhile, the ultra-powerful Tesla Model S Plaid has an astonishing 101 MPGe (102 city, 99 highway). Over 5 years, the Plaid S should save you $6,250 in fuel costs. But Cadillac CT5-V costs a whopping $11,000 and BMW M5 CS costs $8,500 more compared to an average new vehicle.

Fuel Economy / Efficiency Specs

 EPA MPG comparison.

Above: EPA estimated fuel efficiency comparison of 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid, 2022 BMW M5 CS, Cadillac CT5-V (Source: fueleconomy.gov)

Glorifying these fuel emission monsters in this day and age is a bit ridiculous, especially when they’re lacking in the performance arena as well.

Nevertheless, let’s watch how two of the most powerful ICE sport sedans are beaten by Tesla Model S Plaid by a big margin at the drag strip.


Above: Tesla Model S Plaid, BMW M5 CS, and Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing at the dragstrip (Source: Hagerty / YouTube)


Written by: Iqtidar Ali. An earlier version of this article was originally published by Tesla Oracle. Revised update edited by EVANNEX. 

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