Can the Tesla Model S Plaid get any better?

After delivering incredible performance in straight-line drag racing, Tesla is now giving the Model S Plaid the ability to take on the track with even more prowess. How? By providing a free over-the-air (OTA) update, Model S Plaid owners were able to recently upgrade their cars with Teslas's new Track Mode software. 

Above: A look at Tesla's Model S Plaid (Source: Tesla)

Tesla first introduced Track Mode for Model 3 Performance cars back in 2018. Later on, Tesla also rolled out a V2 update for this software that further fine-tuned the handling, suspension, and track performance of Model 3 Performance.

Model 3 Performance is a dual-motor car whereas Model S Plaid actually has three motors (2x rear, 1x front). The new Track Mode software appears to be specially developed for the Tri-Motor Plaid Model S. With Plaid Track Mode, Tesla aims to give it's premium Model S sedan the cornering ability of a high-performance sports car on the race track. 

When enabled, the Plaid Model S instrument cluster shows the Track Mode icon where it displays the Drag Strip Mode icon. After going into Track Mode, the Plaid S conditions the car’s batteries for peak performance. It usually takes around 10 minutes but might differ due to weather conditions and other factors.

Above: The instrument cluster screen of a Tesla Model S Plaid shows its Track Mode software interface (Source: Tesla)

Tesla released a blog post with the launch of Plaid Track Mode and explained, “With Plaid Track Mode, our goals were simple: achieve the quickest lap time for a production electric vehicle at Germany’s Nürburgring and allow individual adjustability of stability control, handling balance, and regenerative braking to give drivers more authority over vehicle control at the racetrack,” the official post stated.

Tesla's in-car release notes further explain, "the heat pump system cools more aggressively, maximizing powertrain endurance and performance [in order to] enable post-drive cooling to shorten wait times between sessions." In addition, "Torque vectoring authority is increased across three motors, elevating the vehicle’s agility and cornering capability."

Last year, Tesla achieved a new EV lap record at the Nurburgring with the Model S Plaid. It's now evident that Tesla had already created Track Mode software for the Plaid S back in September 2021. 



Written by: Iqtidar Ali. Source: Tesla and Squared Away Everyday via Youtube; An earlier version of this article was originally published by Tesla Oracle. Revised update edited by EVANNEX.