Tesla Pro Tip: How can you reset Tesla wipers once stuck?

Posted on April 23, 2023 by Peter McGuthrie

Like with any car, Tesla’s windshield wipers can sometimes struggle with snow, ice and other cold-weather events. If your Tesla wipers get stuck after a winter storm or similar circumstance, there’s a simple trick for getting them unstuck that you can’t do in most traditional gas cars, as put in place by the automaker.

Above: A Tesla Model X (Image: Casey Murphy / EVANNEX).

Once windshield wipers get stuck, especially in ice or snow, it can be hard to get them to work again for quite some time. However, you can actually reset your Tesla’s windshield wipers from inside the electric vehicle, a feature that can come in handy during colder times of the year.

Check out this Tesla Pro Tip from Erwin Meyer at EVSpeedy.com below, which can help you get your wipers unstuck after winter storms or other events.

How can you reset Tesla wipers once stuck?

If your Tesla windshield wipers are not working after a snowstorm or any cold event, your wipers might have shut down because of the heavy snow on the windscreen (after trying to turn them on). To reactivate your wipers you can turn the wipers off on the touch screen and then turn them back on. This easy hack might get them to work again.


Find this and several other Tesla Pro Tips at EVSpeedy.com.

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