Tesla Pro Tip: Trick Your Trunk into Thinking it's Closed

Tesla Pro Tip: Trick Your Trunk into Thinking it's Closed

Although Tesla's vehicles offer quite a bit of trunk (and frunk) space, there are often times when users need to cart items too large to shut the trunk door. This week's Tesla pro tip from EVSpeedy.com can help users make their vehicles think that the trunk is closed, even if they need to keep it open while driving for some reason or another.

Above: (Image: Casey Murphy / EVANNEX).

No matter why you need to keep the trunk open while driving, this simple trick can help you drive without closing the trunk fully — and without the short period of persistent beeping alerting you to the trunk's status. Even though you can still use a Tesla's rear-view cameras while driving with the trunk open, you can easily skip the car's short "panic" phase by following the instructions below.

How to Trick Your Trunk To Think It’s Closed

If you’re transporting something large and unable to close the trunk you can use a bungee rope to tie a knot and push the cord through the latch of the trunk. This way the car will think that it’s closing and lock in place around the bungee cord. Then you can just hook it onto the connector on the bottom part of the trunk. When you arrive at your destination you can just click on “Open Trunk” it will release your bungee cord and you can unload.


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