Tesla Redesign: A closer look at the Model S refresh

Since Tesla Motors [NASDAQ: TSLA] launched the Model S sedan back in 2012, exterior and interior design has remained (relatively) the same. Yes, there have been significant changes like adding the dual motor option and the Autopilot sensor suite, but, overall the car's "look" has been fairly static — that is, until it's recent refresh a few months ago. Cool Hunting* analyzes the new Model S redesign and notes that it is, "sleek and simple and has many thoughtful elements inside and out—but looking at their [Tesla's] line-up it’s easy to see that they’ve only just begun to find a consistent design language. Further support to this is the recent nose-job the automaker quietly rolled out on their flagship sedan, the Model S."

So what are some of the key elements that got refreshed on the Tesla Model S? Apparently, "according to Tesla, the Model S undergoes some 20 updates each week—some technical, some visible, all improvements. Now looking a little more like its successor the Model X (which was released in September 2015), the new version of the Model S has had its black nose-cone removed and the now-trademark 'floating' Tesla T [positioned] in the center of its facade. This is the most obvious change, but there have been plenty more. The new lights are more functional... and also look more angled, to match the car's new sleeker aesthetic."

And what about the interior? "Inside, the [updated] visuals keep coming, with two new decor options in Figured Ash Wood or Dark Ash Wood. Technology-wise... the standard charger has been given a boost from 40 amps to 48 amps—meaning faster charging. Previously unavailable in this model, the Tesla HEPA air filtration system now comes in the Model S, which means healthier drivers and passengers as the system removes 99.97% of particulate exhaust pollution and various other allergens from the cabin."

Okay, so what's the verdict? "Considering how young Tesla is, how focused they are on technological innovations, this design refresh... shows the brand has hit its stride aesthetically—the vibe is now one of polished understatement and, most importantly, it's consistent across all their vehicles." 


*Source: Cool Hunting