What's the latest news surrounding the much-anticipated Tesla Semi?

Many Tesla-watchers were disappointed that the company had little to say about the upcoming Semi in its latest earnings report. How’s the production ramp coming, and when are customer deliveries expected to start? No answers were forthcoming—but the company did release a photo of four Tesla Semis charging at the new Megacharger station at Gigafactory Nevada, where the e-truck is currently in low-volume production. 

Above: Tesla Semi fleet charges at the company's Megachargers located at the Nevada Gigafactory (Source: Tesla)

Tesla-stalker Sawyer Merritt shared some drone photos of the Megachargers, which are believed to be able to deliver 1.5 MW of charging power, and said that around 210 Megapack battery storage devices appear to be part of the installation.

Above: A look at the Tesla Semi prototype driving (YouTube: Tlites World)

Sawyer told CleanTechnica’s Johnna Crider that a logistics company called Lawson Drayage, which is located near the Gigafactory “has cleared an entire area which might be a staging for transporting semi for delivery. Wild guess but they have a connection because they have some Supercharger equipment on property and have for a long time. They transport heavy things?”

Meanwhile, PepsiCo CEO Ramon Laguarta recently said that he was expecting to get his first few Tesla Semis by the end of 2022. The Drive reports that Pepsico has begun installing a number of Tesla Megachargers at its Frito Lay warehouse.


This article originally appeared in Charged. Author: Charles Morris. Sources: Electrek, CleanTechnica, The Drive