Tesla Robovan: Could this be Elon Musk’s newest futuristic vehicle?

Thinking forward has remained a regular part of Tesla’s catalogue since inception, and the company’s chief recently suggested a new idea for fulfilling the company’s futuristic focus. As if Tesla isn’t busy enough with upcoming futuristic projects like the Cybertruck and the Optimus robot, CEO and billionaire Elon Musk recently suggested a new idea for transporting people and goods.

Tesla could make a configurable robovan as its next futuristic vehicle, according to a tweet from Musk, as reported by The Street. Musk is known for riffing on ideas for vehicle updates online, but in this one, he added a few specifics that make it seem like the idea could be realistic.

“Maybe Tesla should make a highly configurable Robovan for people & cargo?” Musk said in the tweet. 

Not only did Musk mention making a robovan — which we assume refers to a van using the automaker’s Full Self-Driving “robot” to drive autonomously, once approved — but he also added a few details he thought would be cool.

“Maybe with an optional solar power canopy that extends both sides of the van, tripling roof area,” Musk added.

Another user shared a photo of the recent Tesla trailer spotted at IdeenExpo in Germany, which includes extending solar panels and a Starlink satellite dish. Musk remarked “Pretty much,” adding that users could sit beneath these panels with the use of a van.

Tesla already has a lot going on, with vehicles such as the Cybertruck, Semi and new Roadster still in line to begin production in the coming years — not to mention the upcoming Optimus robot, which is, perhaps, the company’s most futuristic announcement yet.

In this year’s Q1 earnings call, Musk talked about launching the vehicle it plans to use as a robotaxi by 2023, with production starting as early as 2024. However, it’s not clear if Tesla is on track to hit these targets or not.

Still, a configurable robovan would make the perfect vehicle to utilize Tesla’s FSD system for, as Musk said, both people and cargo. Not to mention its many uses for Musk’s other companies, like as a self-driving passenger car for The Boring Company, as one example.

Tesla’s vehicles are known for being high-tech, right down to being some of the first mass-produced electric vehicles out there. A Tesla robovan could easily be within arm’s reach, just beyond the Cybertruck, the Semi and a few other projects the automaker must pump out first.


Source: The Street