Exclusive Interview: Model 3 Owners Club founders review Tesla’s most anticipated car

Who would I most want to see inside a Tesla Model 3? I'd say me — except that I was just inside one... but that's a whole other story*. In my opinion, outside of Fremont, the foremost experts on Tesla's Model 3 are Trevor Page and Kenneth Bokor. These guys are the founders of the Model 3 Owners Club, which has developed a lively forum (10,000 members), along with a popular youtube channel (32,000 subscribers), and a growing social media presence on Facebook and Twitter (18,000 followers).


Above: Kenneth Bokor and Trevor Page take a look at the Tesla Model 3 (Image: Model 3 Owners Club)

Why does everyone follow these guys? You should find out for yourself. For up-to-the-minute info on Tesla's Model 3, these guys seem to get all the early scoops. Case in point — watch this in-depth, hour-long Model 3 walk-through video (see below). Trevor and Kenneth got a chance to spend a few days with the car and uncovered a number of previously unknown details. One caveat: the touchscreen UI is not "fully baked" yet. So, software updates will soon refine (and change) the user interface as general market deliveries start after Model 3 cars are all delivered to Tesla and SpaceX staff.


Above: The first comprehensive, highly-detailed overview of the Tesla Model 3 (Youtube: Model 3 Owners Club)

Want more? Of course you do. So I interviewed one half of the duo, Trevor Page, who's basically considered The Godfather of Tesla Model 3 fandom. I wanted to get some quick, top-line takeaways after he experienced Tesla's most-anticipated car to date. Our conversation follows below...


Above: Trevor Page and Kenneth Bokor of Model 3 Owners Club prepare to drive a production Model 3 (Image: Model 3 Owners Club)

Q & A

What was your first impression when you (finally) got your hands on Model 3?

How good it looks in person and the high quality of the fit and finish. Also the new HVAC system is easy to use and very innovative

What unexpected surprise did you encounter after spending time with the car?

How nice the center console is, especially the dual phone connectors and charging!

What got you most excited after you drove it?

How it drives and the range of the long range model.

How does Model 3 compare head-to-head with the Model S?

Model 3 feels like a smaller Model S. Of course not as many features but it has some nicer creature comforts in the interior that show that Tesla is learning that mass market buyers expect more such things than just simplicity. 

Does it really feel like driving a Tesla or is the Model 3 a compromise?

Model 3 has that Tesla “DNA”  — it’s fun to drive, quick, responsive and has a tight turning radius! It’s also very quiet and the view is really great from the combination of a low dash, short nose and no binnacle. 


*Yes, I (personally) did recently get my hands on a Tesla Model 3. But that story will have to wait for another blog post... stay tuned.