Tesla’s Sentry Mode: A New Era of Vehicle Security

Tesla’s Sentry Mode: A New Era of Vehicle Security

Tesla is set to revolutionize vehicle security with an exciting update to its Sentry Mode. This innovative feature will soon allow owners to remotely view video clips recorded by their car, right on their phone.

Sentry Mode is a security feature available on Tesla vehicles. It records instances and events that occur in the vicinity of the car. From solving petty vandalism cases like keying to determining liability in accidents, Sentry Mode has proven its worth time and again.

Despite being available on Tesla vehicles for years, many people remain unaware of this capability. Unknowingly, they continue to commit crimes near these cars, not realizing their actions are being recorded.

Until recently, the clips recorded by Sentry Mode were not available for remote viewing. They could only be watched in the car or on a laptop or computer via a USB device. However, this is about to change.

According to an app de-compile performed by Tesla App Updates, remote Sentry Mode clips are on the way. It appears that this feature will initially be available on iOS, Apple’s operating system. There is currently no information on whether the feature will be extended to Android or other operating systems.

Over the years, Sentry Mode has undergone numerous improvements, including more refined incident detection to better detect vehicle break-ins.

In February 2024, former SVP of Powertrain, Drew Baglino, announced that Tesla was working to improve Sentry Mode’s battery consumption. This was in response to complaints from owners about the feature’s high power usage. Although the security feature is handy and somewhat necessary, it takes a lot of battery life to operate, leading to complaints of excessive vampire drain.

“Sentry Mode power consumption needs improvement,” Baglino said. “The team is working to reduce it by ~40% in a Q2 software update.”

Tesla is set to roll out both remote Sentry Mode viewing and battery consumption improvements this quarter. This marks a significant step forward in vehicle security, demonstrating Tesla’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

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Source: Teslarati