Global Expansion: Tesla spreads its message around the world [Video]

Posted on January 01, 2017 by Matt Pressman

Happy new year! With 2017 finally here, many are looking forward to Tesla's plans for the year ahead. But, it's worth looking back a bit as well. In 2016, Tesla Motors [NASDAQ: TSLA] was accelerating its mission worldwide. Some evidence? Just this past fall, it was actively rolling out country-specific videos all around the globe. In fact, recently we featured a series of country-specific videos aimed at the Japanese market. But, it also appears that Tesla was been releasing other country-specific videos throughout Europe and Asia in order to tell its universal story — often through the words of existing Tesla owners in that particular market. 


Above: Tesla Model X (Image: Drive)

These videos remind us how Tesla is actively growing it's worldwide footprint of superchargers, stores, and service centers. Of all videos featured here, my favorite quote comes from a German Tesla owner: "it took time to reprogram my brain because I'm German, we are building the best cars for a very long time." And, the Australian video is a peek into the future as it demonstrates how a Model S owner has extended the Tesla brand into his solar-powered home with the Powerwall. But, I think the best music, editing, and overall cinematic quality — looking like something out of Blade Runner — is Tesla's video for Macao. In any event, for a look at some cool country-specific Tesla videos released this past fall, watch below...













Hong Kong / China





*Source: Tesla

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