Global Expansion: Tesla spreads its message around the world [Video]

Happy new year! With 2017 finally here, many are looking forward to Tesla's plans for the year ahead. But, it's worth looking back a bit as well. In 2016, Tesla Motors [NASDAQ: TSLA] was accelerating its mission worldwide. Some evidence? Just this past fall, it was actively rolling out country-specific videos all around the globe. In fact, recently we featured a series of country-specific videos aimed at the Japanese market. But, it also appears that Tesla was been releasing other country-specific videos throughout Europe and Asia in order to tell its universal story — often through the words of existing Tesla owners in that particular market. 


Above: Tesla Model X (Image: Drive)

These videos remind us how Tesla is actively growing it's worldwide footprint of superchargers, stores, and service centers. Of all videos featured here, my favorite quote comes from a German Tesla owner: "it took time to reprogram my brain because I'm German, we are building the best cars for a very long time." And, the Australian video is a peek into the future as it demonstrates how a Model S owner has extended the Tesla brand into his solar-powered home with the Powerwall. But, I think the best music, editing, and overall cinematic quality — looking like something out of Blade Runner — is Tesla's video for Macao. In any event, for a look at some cool country-specific Tesla videos released this past fall, watch below...













Hong Kong / China





*Source: Tesla