Tesla temporarily leaked 340+ upcoming Supercharger stations

One of the main barriers to widespread electric vehicle adoption is the need for growth in the charging infrastructure available. Fortunately for Tesla drivers (and soon others, too), the Supercharger network is fairly large already and is always expanding — with a recent update even leaking the locations of several of the automaker’s upcoming charging stations.

Tesla temporarily leaked the specific locations of over 340 upcoming North American Supercharger stations on its website, as discovered by Twitter user Marco Ragosta (@MarcoRPTesla) earlier this month (via Car and Driver). While Tesla’s Supercharger station location map already includes the rough area of upcoming sites, this accidental update included the specific addresses of sites — before being removed.

It wasn’t long before the mistake made waves across the internet, with Tesla swiftly removing the locations after their discovery. However, the sleuth who discovered the slip-up also had a backup plan, earning the self-proclaimed title of being "unofficially the best account for Supercharger updates in North America," once and for all.

After spotting the change, Ragosta also documented the locations on this convenient user-created Google Maps map, as seen in his pinned tweet below. 

Although it’s not news that Tesla is rapidly expanding the Supercharger network, Tesla owners in several areas can now look forward to nearer stations — and they can know about them before they’re deployed this quarter.

The news could also change the game for some non-Tesla EV drivers, as the automaker is expected to open the Supercharger network beyond Tesla vehicles by the end of the year, according to a memo from the White House over the summer.

"Tesla will begin production of new Supercharger equipment that will enable non-Tesla EV drivers in North America to use Tesla Superchargers," wrote the White House in the memo.

It’s worth noting that some of the locations could still change, and the company could have simply listed the primary locations where it hopes to install the charging hardware. However, the roll-out of Tesla’s Superchargers in the last few months of the year will show whether this is the case or not.

No matter what Tesla’s Supercharger expansion plans are, the automaker relies heavily on these stations being densely populated to woo customer interest. The strength of the EV charging network remains one of the top concerns for potential buyers, and it’s a hurdle worth investing in if we want to see a shift toward zero-emission vehicles.


Source: Twitter / Car and Driver