Tesla to Build the Future with $10 Trillion Valuation: HyperChange

Many investors and onlookers are wondering what the future of Tesla’s valuation will look like, especially knowing how the company could revolutionize the world with its products. From electric vehicles to sustainable energy, some have even made the case that Tesla could someday become the world’s largest company — likely shifting the way the world works either way. 

Gali Russell, Former Evannex contributor and host of YouTube channel HyperChange, recently made a video evaluating the case for how Tesla is likely to eventually hit a $10 trillion market capitalization, changing the world as we know it. The video even gained a stamp of approval from Tesla CEO Elon Musk via a like on Twitter, and it offers one of the best breakdowns of this idea we’ve seen as of late.

In the video, Gali details how drastically the automaker will change the way things work in the future, spanning from the modern creation of the “smart car” to eventually providing self-driving robotaxis with an incredible profit margin.

Gali breaks down the numbers for investors in the first longer section of the video, aptly titled “Nerdy $TSLA Math.” Looking at the potential profits from a future robotaxi business, Gali explains that users will someday be able to consider whether to take an Uber for $2, or a self-driving Tesla for $0.20 — a compelling savings, to be sure.

While Tesla’s potential future profits are impressive, Gali notes that the craziest and most important part of the automaker’s plan is how it has reset the precedent on what “zero-emission companies” can and should look like.

“I think the craziest of all this is Tesla’s built one of the biggest companies in the world and they produced more energy than they’ve consumed to do it,” Gali said. “So literally the solar panels that Tesla’s created have produced more energy than all of their factories have used to build over a million electric cars.”

The fact that Tesla is already producing more energy than it uses creating cars is significant, and Gali is quick to point it out. In a world where companies are eagerly struggling to reach zero-carbon targets to little avail, Tesla has made incredible strides to showing how a company was able to do this.

Gali goes on to talk about other factors such as the introduction of humanoid robots, Elon Musk and the potential for an AI uprising amidst an overall shift to software — within the auto industry and beyond.

Watch HyperChange’s full breakdown of Tesla’s future business roadmap below:

Above: How Tesla Hits $10T & Builds The Future. Source: HyperChange


Source: HyperChange / YouTube