Tesla protects your pet (and your cookies)

Tesla's recent software update will protect your pets and your car. First, its 'Dog Mode' is designed to keep your pets safe. It's another unusual innovation by the automaker that brought us 'Teslatari'. 'Dog Mode' enables Tesla owners to keep their pets safely locked inside the vehicle while they're away. 

Above: Tesla's latest software updates will keep your pets, and ummm... your cookies safe (Source: Tesla)

'Dog Mode' keeps the climate appropriate so that pets feel comfortable inside the car. The center touchscreen displays a message for those passing by: 'My Owner will be back soon. Don't worry! The heater/AC is on and the it's (X) ℉'.

The prominent message on the center screen ensures that people looking in from outside the car don't get worried or (in an extreme case) try to break the car windows in an attempt to rescue the pets.

Above: 'Dog Mode' video demonstration in a Tesla Model 3 (Youtube: Tesla)

'Dog Mode' is an extension to the 'Keep Climate On' update that Tesla released just around the end of last year. According to a test in extremely cold weather, a Tesla enthusiast was able to survive for more than 24 hours using the 'Keep Climate On' option and still maintain ample driving range in his Model X's battery pack.

Of course there are other methods for pet protection — but these strategies are more for protecting your Model 3 interior from puppy accidents or shedding. In any event, 'Dog Mode' is part of a novel software solution that's sure to keep your pet(s) calm and comfy inside your Tesla.

Above: Tesla shows off its 'Sentry Mode' car alarm software update feature with the mischievous Cookie Monster (Source: Tesla)

Another facet of Tesla's recent software update is 'Sentry Mode' — the feature is provided to owners in order to keep the car safe from shady characters wanting to break into the vehicle. In an effort to showcase the capabilities of 'Sentry Mode' the company released an amusing demo video of Cookie Monster trying to break into the Model 3 to get some cookies. 

And don't forget — Tesla's Model S and Model X are also equipped with a Bioweapon Defense Mode that utilizes a 10x larger, more sophisticated air filter in order to regulate the car's interior environment. This protects humans, pets (and yes, cookies) from harmful air pollution that might otherwise enter the vehicle cabin. 


Written by: Iqtidar Ali; An earlier version of this story appeared on X Auto.