Tesla's Landmark Release: Full Self-Driving Beta 12.1.2

Tesla's Landmark Release: Full Self-Driving Beta 12.1.2

Tesla has recently updated its Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta to version 12.1.2, an update to the 2023.44.30.12 version, now available to a select group of owners. This version is noteworthy for its use of an end-to-end neural network, trained on millions of video clips. This network replaces much of the previous explicit C++ coding, aiming to improve the Advanced Driver Assist System's (ADAS) performance in complex driving scenarios.



Elon Musk had hinted that version 12 might mark FSD's transition out of beta, but the current release notes still categorize it as beta. This public release follows earlier internal versions, including 12, 12.1, and 12.1.1, with v12.1.2 being the first available to non-employees. Notably, Tesla influencer @WholeMarsBlog was among the first to receive this new release.

Early Feedback

Initial reactions suggest that FSD Beta v12 drives more human-like and intuitively. While the release has generated excitement among Tesla owners, it's important to remember that this version does not achieve Level 4 or 3 autonomy. It represents a step forward, similar to Tesla's earlier transition to AI for Autopilot.

Users report improvements in urban driving scenarios, noting smoother transitions and quicker response times for a more comfortable driving experience. This is largely attributed to the vehicle control now being trained on videos of human driving.

FSD Beta v12.1.2 introduces an autonomous pull-over feature, demonstrated in Musk's live stream. The vehicle can now autonomously pull over to the side of the road at the end of a drive, showcased in @WholeMarsBlog's video.

Release Notes

For this update, Tesla has provided a brief description in the release notes. Typically, FSD Beta releases come with extensive technical notes, but this release is summarized with a focus on the upgrade to a neural network and the reduction of reliance on C++ code.


More feedback on FSD Beta v12.1.2's performance in real-world conditions will become available as additional Tesla owners receive the update. The system's handling of various driving conditions, including heavy precipitation, will be of particular interest.

The rollout to more owners is expected to be a gradual process. Tesla will likely use the insights gathered from this release to further refine the system. Despite the software still being in beta, each update contributes to the development of Tesla's autonomous driving technology.



Source: NotATeslaAppElectrek