Tesla's record-breaking EV range crushes other automakers [Infographic]

Tesla [NASDAQ: TSLA] is already known for its lightning-fast acceleration. But one other area where Tesla simply embarrasses other automakers is in their paltry efforts to deliver electric vehicle range. Just how impressive is Tesla? CleanTechnica* reports, "Want to own the electric car with the longest range in America? Place your order today for a Tesla Model S 100D... the official numbers from the EPA are in and the Model S 100D range came in at 331.1 miles in city driving, alongside a highway range of 337.2 miles and a combined rating of 335 miles. MPGe ratings are impressive as well — 101 city, 102 highway, 102 combined." 


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The Model S 100D delivers a record-breaking range for a Tesla. "The combined Model S 100D range is 20 miles more than the performance version of the car, the famed P100D that has set world records for acceleration, including the stunning 2.28 second run recorded by Motor Trend last month. Before the results from the EPA were available, Tesla announced that the 100D’s range would be 335 miles. Obviously, Tesla knows its products well. Deliveries of the Model S 100D began about 3 weeks ago."


Image: Electrek

And even with all this range, Tesla doesn't sacrifice much in the way of performance. "Base price of the Model S 100D is $95,800 with the pre-selected upgraded interior or $92,500 without it. Both [100D and P100D] cars have a mandatory $1,200 transportation and documentary fee added to their list price. [Granted] the 100D is not quite as quick as the performance version (it’s about 1.7 seconds slower to 60 mph), but at $30,000 less (for the least expensive version), it should be more than adequate for most drivers since it is still one of the fastest production cars in the world. Acceleration equals that of the Cadillac CT6 plug-in hybrid, for instance."


Instagram: donato_shin

And needless to say, Tesla trounces feeble electric vehicle efforts from Big Auto. How badly? Although we don't have a completely up-to-date analysis, there is a helpful Futurism* infographic showcasing an older Tesla Model S 90D against the current EV offerings in-market today. Even the Model S 90D crushes the competition. One caveat: the Chevrolet Bolt has been updated since this infographic was published to an EV range of 237 miles. Still... that's nearly 100 miles less range than the Model S 100D. Nevertheless, we give kudos to Chevrolet for being the only large, established automaker (besides Tesla) with an EV that has over 200 miles of range. Sure, other companies have shown off concept cars with long-range EVs coming, but, they've been making that claim for years. In any event, check the numbers below...



*Source: CleanTechnica / Infographic: Futurism