Charge the car while fueling the body at the gas station of the future

The way we think about gas stations is about to change. As the world transitions to electric vehicles, the sneakerheads at Reebok have completely reimagined the gas pump experience altogether. Reebok announces that, "more cars are relying on electricity instead of gasoline for energy... So what do you do with all of those perfectly-placed fuel stations in every community? Turn them into fuel for our bodies instead."

Above: Reebok reimagines gas stations as places to charge electric cars and get in your much-needed workout (Source: Reebok)

It turns out that Reebok partnered with global design firm Gensler to develop some electrifying concepts for "an adaptive reuse of gas stations across the country as Fitness Hubs." Alfred Byun, a designer at Gensler, envisions "a [new] network of fitness oases between home and work where you could stop and recharge more than just your car. Imagine an option to leave the traffic jam to unwind with yoga, get your Crossfit Fix, or pick up a green juice and your weekly farm share all in one place!”

Above: Right now, the only refueling this Tesla owner needs is some coffee and junk food (Image: Jake’s Tesla World)

With the rise of electric vehicles, Austin Malleolo, head of Reebok fitness facilities explains, "Consumers may not need gas stations anymore, but instead of wasting them, we’re recycling them, and maximizing the space so that they become places of community.”

To that end, Reebok has conceptualized three different "Get Pumped" formats in order to reimagine the gas station experience altogether. After all, in the future, drivers might want to recharge their bodies along with their electric cars. Reebok's ideas are based around three typical gas station formats ubiquitous in the U.S. today.

The Network

Reebok says, "We’ve imagined the major, interstate rest stops as the power grid of the future. They’re a place where travelers can stop and generate energy through spinning and boxing, Crossfit, Les Mils, and a running trail."

Above: The Network (Source: Reebok)

The Oasis

In another concept, "The larger gas station that commuters pass on small, local highways will be turned into recharge zones, to capitalize on the type of mental and physical rest those commuting need. There are real food offerings from a farm to table eatery to a juice bar, as well as yoga and meditation pods. The exterior will provide sustenance in the form of an herb garden, and outdoor wheels where you can run in the fresh air."

Above: The Oasis (Source: Reebok)

The Community Center

In yet another interpretation, "local, small town gas stations are transformed into four different ways for communities to enhance their healthy life. People can charge electric cars... [and] there will be nutrition classes. The minimart will offer local, healthy food, and pop-up trucks will offer rotating Crossfit and Spinning classes so there’s no lack of access for healthy options."


Above: The Community Center (Source: Reebok)

Perhaps Tesla could get behind one of Reebok's "Get Pumped" ideas? Ummm, probably not. Elon Musk's latest vision for Tesla's Supercharger stations is completely different. He recently announced (via Twitter), "Gonna put an old school drive-in, roller skates & rock restaurant at one of the new Tesla Supercharger locations in LA." He added that they'll have popcorn and "an outdoor screen that plays a highlight reel of the best scenes in movie history."


Source: Reebok