The Tesla Model 3 doesn't just exceed expectations, it completely resets them

Looking at the recent roundup of press surrounding Tesla's Model 3, it's clear that the car is making waves. Miles Branman writes (via Digital Trends), "The most exciting vehicle on the market isn’t a million-dollar supercar, a broad-shouldered truck, or a seven-passenger SUV. No, the car the world can’t wait to drive is an all-electric sedan from a startup automaker called Tesla."

Above: Tesla's Model 3 (Instagram: sf_values)

Like many, he's stunned by the Model 3's spartan interior. Branman reports, "No automotive experience prepares you for the Tesla’s reductionist approach to interior design... At first, this all feels too refined, too minimalist. Just an hour later, though, we can’t fathom why other cars have so many screens, dials, and physical controls."

What about Tesla's Autopilot? Branman says, "it is brilliant... [and] abundantly clear that this is the most sophisticated driver aid of any vehicle class. Rain or shine, day or night, the system finds lane markings, notes the speed and position of surrounding vehicles, and moves you along in the safest, most efficient way possible." 

Above: A look inside the Tesla Model 3 (Instagram: bens_tesla)

How about performance? Branman says it "feels quicker" than the company's spec sheet. And he notes, "The low center of gravity lends itself to impressive cornering stability and even a hint of manageable over-steer when prodded. Combined with a variable-ratio steering rack that has three selectable levels of resistance, the Model 3 is a silent but serious thrill ride."

Are there downsides to consider with Tesla's Model 3? Branman notes, "Arguments against the Model 3 are few and feeble.... The lack of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is a bummer, but with Tesla’s over-the-air updates, it’s only a matter of time before the Model 3 has a workable solution. Perhaps the biggest issue is supply for all this Model 3 demand... Thankfully, we can assure you this one is worth the wait."

Above: Miles Branman reviews the Tesla Model 3 (Youtube: Digital Trends)

At the end of the day, does the Model 3 live up to the hype? Branman concludes, "The Tesla Model 3 exceeds every expectation we’ve thrown its way – as both an attainable EV and luxury sport sedan. The conveniences, ride quality, and performance luxury buyers expect are further enhanced by the Model 3’s class-leading driving aids and infotainment. Tesla may be experiencing the growing pains most mainstream automakers have long overcome, but the tech startup has much to teach the automotive industry about how to build a compelling product."


Source: Digital Trends