This black chrome Tesla Model X is the epitome of style [Gallery]

Posted on March 01, 2023 by Matt Pressman

Quentin Tommie is a lifestyle blogger, style enthusiast, and Tesla owner. His latest effort is called Journey Homme. According to Tommie, "It's an online chronicle of travel experiences as well as a visual archive of artistic works that takes a deeper look into design aesthetics and the influence of men’s style."


Source: Journey Homme

Summing up Journey Homme, Tommie notes: "Our purpose is to be inspired by the world and inspire others through our journey." The world of high design has treated Tommie well — at the age of 27, he just took delivery of a new Tesla Model X 100D. He explains, "I’m moved by innovation and design which is what attracted me to the Model X."


Source: Journey Homme

Journey Homme's tribute to the Model X features a flashy photo shoot in front of the Frost Science Museum in Miami. Tommie discusses Model X's design ethos: "Innovation and design meet in the all electric Tesla SUV... the design of the interior is very sophisticated with a minimalist layout. Getting into the Model X feels like stepping into a space ship." 


Source: Journey Homme

To make his Tesla even more distinctive, Tommie decided to add some stylish modifications to his Model X. He explains, "My Tesla Model X is covered in a black chrome vinyl wrap with a chrome delete... [along with] 22” Onyx black Tesla factory rims. The interior is all black with dark ash wood décor. The Model X is high design because it combines innovation with sophistication making it a car that is smart, safe and stunning."

Source: Journey Homme

Why did he decide to wrap his Tesla in such a unique color? Tommie explains, "The black chrome wrap enhances the aesthetic of the car giving it an even more futuristic look that stands out yet is subtle enough to remain refined and tasteful."


Source: Journey Homme

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