The 'Inside Scoop' on a really cool, retro-style Tesla charging station

The Inside Scoop ice cream parlor in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania is a unique destination. The owners, Tony Caciolo and family, also have a unique taste when it comes to their design aesthetic — they love the throwback retro style from the 1950s but they also love futuristic, next-generation Tesla electric cars.

Above: Tesla Model S charging at The Inside Scoop retro style destination charger (Photo: X Auto via Chris Epler/Facebook)

Mr. Caciolo has set up a distinctive Tesla destination charger outside his ice cream shop, mirroring a vintage-style gas pump — even featuring the mechanically rolling price and quantity counters. Sure, he's kept the word 'Gallons' instead of 'kW' on the stalls but it's still really cool.

The image first went viral earlier this year, accumulating more than 4.5k upvotes on Reddit. Now, more than four months later, another Tesla subreddit user took a new photo (below) at night and within nine hours it reached almost ~10k upvotes on Reddit.

Above: The retro-style Tesla Destination Charger at night located at The Inside Scoop ice-cream parlor (Source: theSpy69/Tesla Subreddit)

This particular photo was posted on Reddit by theSpy69 and it's still gaining traction on the forums and all across social media. It turns out that Tony Caciolo's 'The Inside Scoop' is visited by around 100,000 visitors a year according to his interview with Inverse.

The design of the Tesla logo on top of the charger is also modified in a vintage style and the lamp post beside the charger also takes the imagination to a bygone era.

Above: The first viral image, at daytime, of the Tesla destination charger at The Inside Scoop ice cream shop (Source: The Inside Scoop/Facebook)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is also a fan of this old-school style. Last year he explained (via Twitter) his intentions to design one of the company's Los Angeles Superchargers in a vintage-era theme including an 'old school drive-in, roller skates & rock restaurant' but Model 3 production must have diverted his attention away from giving this initiative priority at Tesla. Nevertheless, we're hoping to see something like this at Tesla Supercharger stations soon!


Written by: Iqtidar Ali. An earlier version of this article originally appeared on X Auto.