Top Gear: 60D is the best all-around Tesla Model S yet

With all the hoopla surrounding Tesla Motors [NASDAQ: TSLA] recent launch of its P100D Model S, you'd expect the automotive media to ignore Tesla's entry-level model. Not so. The folks at Top Gear* recently reviewed the 60D and came away thrilled: "even this baby Tesla is an obscenely fast car, purely because of the instantaneous nature of the performance... honestly, the way this supposedly base-spec Tesla rockets from 0-30mph would destroy a red-blooded super-saloon like an M5."

Source: Top Gear*

And besides the speed, "it feels expensive inside. Tesla’s obviously been stung by criticism of the Model S’s tinny trim and synthetic-feeling leathers not living up to the prices demanded, and has responded. This test car was largely the best-assembled, nicest finished Tesla I’ve encountered." What else was notable? "Of course, there are new toys too, chief among which is a worryingly titled ‘Bioweapon Defense Mode’. Tesla says, and I quote: 'The [BDM] filter is 100 times more effective than all other premium automotive filters removing at least 99.97% of particulate exhaust pollution and effectively all allergens, bacteria and other contaminants from cabin air.'"

Source: Top Gear*

But does ‘Bioweapon Defense Mode’ really work? Top Gear explains, "it ought to protect you from fumes if you’re gridlocked on a hot day. In practice, it does indeed stop diesel stink from the van in front being sucked into the cabin, but it’s not detectably any more impressive than any other posh saloon air-con I’ve tried. If city-based Tesla owners start living until they’re 150 we’ll revisit this. Likewise, the P100D won’t require this kit because it can presumably outrun anything. Ever."

Source: Top Gear*

So what's Top Gear's final verdict on the Tesla 60D? They conclude, "there’s all the performance we could realistically need, sensible and accurate range, an overall deeper sense of quality and what many EV [electric vehicle] curious folk have been crying out for: a more competitive, accessible finance option... it’s the best all-round Model S yet."


*Source: Top Gear